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17th Annual day celebration

Admission Fest 2023

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Principal's Message

I Warmly welcome  you to Yamaniyya English Medium School. Here you will feel the warmth and care that our staff and students give within the spirit of our Moral Ethos.We are extremely proud of our learning environment that truly focuses on the whole being .We also proud our self on the education we provide in these vital years of schooling.

As your Principal I walk with you in partneship with your child. We welcome you to our school and may faith and love give you comfort.



Principal Yamaniyya English Medium School

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About Us

Yamaniyya English Medium School is a long cherished dream of the people of the village. Yamaniyy English MediumSchool is run and managed by Yamaniyya Islamic Centre.The Yamaniyya English Medium School at Anchamile, Pookkottumpadam was established in 2003 to bring about academic excellence and inculcate moral rectitude among the students. We train the children not only for individual glory but also better human values like honesty, patriotism, culture so on. We provide quality education at moderate fee.

Education is the birth right of every child.A child is born with immense potentialities.Providing of affordable and quality education to all,especially to the backward and the marginalised people is the vision of this institution.Child is the centre of every learning activities where physical ,intelletual,emotional and spiritual strength which are the four main pillars of the education.  

To provide a strong foundation for the child education to become a strong leader in the shifting and changing global scenario where the children grow up in the natural  environment.

To provode state of the art facilities to the students to develop themselves learning by doing is the motto,where learning is a pleasure.To mould a child to be society commited and globally competent. 

Yamaniyya English Medium School  holds that education is intended for the enrichment of 4 H'S-Heart,Head,Hand and Health and our educational planning and programming have been designed  accordingly.Here the teachers are Facilitators and Mentors.Switching over to novelty which is based on heritage has been our guildlines.The school functions according to the modern concept ,ie. the teacher goes to the mind of the child ,learn what he wants and gives what he needs. Individual attention is the core stone of our system.Children are helped to learn through reference and project work and through the medium of LOVE AND AFFECTION.

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